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Donas Aymat

In snacks on April 19, 2009 at 3:23 PM

Looking back through some old pics I found this:


To those who have never had the joy of tasting the soft, pillowy, sweet delicacy inside this famous Yellow Box in Puerto Rico are missing out for sure. They're "DONAS AYMAT" a 100% Puerto Rican donut usually sold on street lights.


Yup.  You read right. Street lights. Here in PR you can buy anything from Ice Cold Water to Peeled Oranges to Newspapers to Life Insurance to Dental Fictures @ pretty much any main and busy street light/intersection. Haha. Just kidding on the Life Insurance. ;o)


I still remember way back when I was in elementary and middle school when our carpooler would buy a box of these succulent donuts on many early morning drives to school. The cost 20 years ago? $1.00. The cost today? $2.00. Maybe $3.00 if you run into a dude trying to scam you. But yes, 20 years later and the price is only $2.00. That's 40 cents a donut.

Inside each box you get 5 glazed donuts. Back then there were 5 of us in the car, so portioning was perfect.


Each donut is nice and puffy. Soft and rich. Juicy.


Biting into the soft donuts you instantly feel the sweetness and fluffiness.


Oh wow can I get this and a Cortaito (PR style espresso)????


What I love now that I'm all into this food world is that the list of ingredients is short and sweet. No extra BS ingredients. Just plain simple baked goods. I love them even more. Not sure why they use gelatin, but who cares. They're so good you can't resist taking another bite.


So yes, these pics have taken me back to the days when life was simpler, the days where my worries involved whether I'd do well in a Spelling Test or if Mrs.X, our carpooler and teacher, would call the street vendor over to purchase a box of DONITAS AYMAT before the light turned green, or if I'd ever make it as a hand model on TV. But sadly, hand modeling never happened for obvious reasons.

¡Buen provecho!

  1. Thank you for showing so well our donuts.The pictures are perfectly taken. Call me at the factory.The boxes has our telephone numbers.
    Thanks again.
    Olga Aymat

  2. He extrañado sus posts! Cuando viene algo nuevo??

  3. Les quedo BRUTAL y las fotos estan super!!!<3

  4. O…M…G… A mi me va a dar algo hoy!!! You might just make me move back!! I used to stop at the factory every morning to buy donuts for everyone in the office, right off the belt! Well said! Nuttin’like a Donita Aymat con un cortaito and maybe a little queso de bola! Yummmmm!!!!!!

  5. que ricas son nunca han pensado ir international yo vivo en orlando florida y aqui no venden nada asi yo compro las que sea por probar una

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