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Grabbed by the neck!

In moncheoPR.411 on June 11, 2009 at 12:42 AM

I'm trying to translate "Cogía de cuello" but am not doing so well. ;o) But it literally means grabbed by the neck and it means you've been caught red-handed. Oh, there it is! "Caught red-handed." Well, almost. 'Cause being "caught red handed" kinda implies you've been caught with your "Manos in the masa" or "Hands in the dough." There, that makes it relate to food and this blog. Which in turn mean you've "been made" or caught doing something wrong or caught stealing (gasp) or even in this case, kinda being reprimanded, or being asked what the heck or even kinda like being shaken or slapped to wake up and smell the coffee. (And the award for run-on sentence of the evening goes to moncheo! Thank you! Thank you!)

Point is, I literally just received an email from a reader. You know, "the" reader. Or "my" reader. That one person who reads me. Just kidding. I've got like 4 readers. Including my cat and dog. Ha! Kidding again. (I hope.)

So my reader – Liz – just sent a comment saying "GET WRITING YOU LAZY PERSON DAMMIT!" Or something of the sorts. ;o) It literally made me sit up in bed and start writing this post. Which, believe it or not, I have been meaning to write this week. You see… No seriously. I'm not lying. I was gonna write! Stop it! I mean it! Changes are a coming to moncheo!! Yeah right, you say. Well how's this for a change:

I'm coming out of the anonimity blogging closet.


When? Um. Simma down! Baby steps people!

What happened was I decided to make my own little blog where I write about my direct actions involving food – when I bake, cook, go shopping, read, anything food related to me directly. Then I was going to switch moncheo to strictly about dining out and that's it.

Why? Um. Free time? Yes, free time. Sounds like a good reason. Free time. Which I will have loads of this summer. And because peeps (friends) are always asking or curious about what I cook, so why hide it? As well as, what you think of this place? Why hide it? So then I said, know what? Screw this. I ain't hiding. If peeps don't like my reviews of places, then move on to the next blog. (All this front and 'tude is here 'cause I'm still hiding for sure.) But I kinda did say that. Life's short. Freedom of speech rocks. And I like to use it. So I'm coming out. Soon.

I do have 2 trips planned for the next two weeks where my internet access will come mostly from my phone, so posting here will be minimal if nonexistent. But July will be "revamp moncheoPR month" and  my awesomeness shall be revealed!

And then my readerdom will surely go down to 2 – my cat and myself, 'cause my dog will surely not care anymore by then. So… be patient that change's a coming this summer. Thanks for getting me off my butt Liz. I hope you stick with me. Now if you read this, comment again and I will give you a sneak peak as to who I am and the other blog and stuff I've been writing.

XO and see you soon,

moncheoPR  a.k.a.  ????

PS. Oh, and I might change a lot more given Typepad charges $9/month and I'm looking to save myself some $$$ to pay for gas and like eat once in a while. ;o) So url will be the same, but the host will surely change. But that remains to be seen. XO peeps!

  1. Thanks for the honor! Me alegro de que hayas empezado de nuevo a escribir. Yo empecé a ver tu blog porque estaba buscando inf de Toro Salao y me pareció genial tu post. A mi esposo y a mi nos encanta descubrir sitios nuevos de comida (aunque ahora la cosa está mala $$$). Me parece estupenda la idea que tienes para tu otro blog; a mi me encanta lo que tiene que ver con cocina (aunque no soy muy buena cocinera!). Anyway, espero escuchar de ti pronto.

  2. Tell Liz, the cat and the dog to move over. You’ve still got another reader who is waiting to see more stuff from la isla del encanto!

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