chef tamara

Change is coming!

In moncheoPR.411 on July 8, 2009 at 12:04 PM

So. Shortly after my previous post, my husband, my dog, and myself created the perfect storm which resulted in my laptop crashing onto the floor and dying. Even though it was very interesting to see what a MAC crash looked like, I wish I had never had to see it. The result: total Hard Drive failure, total data lost, and one month without a computer.


But, Apple replaced the HD and I am back to work. So once I download the 5 gazillion pictures stuck inside my new camera (afraid to delete them), and once I set up Time Machine to back-up my data every single second, I will do some stuff around here regarding moncheo and a possible other blog.

Very excited and let's see what's to come.


  1. So sorry about your MAC, I know it’s hard to lose a hard drive; but I’m still here waiting for your posts! Have a great summer!

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