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Jose Enrique REDUX

In moncheo on July 21, 2009 at 9:11 PM

As I update the site and transfer all content to another host site, let's visit my favorite place in Puerto Rico: Jose Enrique, located in La Plazita in Santurce (Condado area) of San Juan.

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE chef Jose Enrique, his food, and his restaurant. He's super cool, super chill, cooks great, and I have always had superb food AND phenomenal service while there. So where am I going to take my friends to eat when they visit PR? None other than Jose's. Why? Because i want to, that's why! Oh and because of things like this:

That my dear envious reader was his "Cochinillo" (Suckling Pig). I believe it was roasted and then crisped to PERFECTION. What else was perfection? The seasonings and flavors. Juicy and flavorful all the way to the bone.

What else rocks at Jose Enrique's? How about this:

This is his never-fail Chillo Frito (fried yellow tail snapper) with Batata
(Sweet Potato) Mash, and Papaya and Avocado Salsa. Holy cow is this
good. It's usually on his menu as is. What might vary is the cut of the
fish. This day it was served whole and de-boned. In the past I've had
it whole and bone in and as a simple fillet. But each time it is
DIVINE! Which explains why three out of the five of us ordered the fish
that evening. Also helps that his seafood is always fresh, never
frozen, which is one of the many attentions for details that make Jose
Enrique a success.



Another classic on Jose's menu is the Churrasco, which just so happens to be my FAVORITE cut of beef. Nothing beats Skirt Steak with some Chimichurri (Argentinian parsley and garlic sauce/mojo). Jose's Churrasco hits the spot every time.
Here it was accompanied by Arroz con Habichuelas (rice & beans) and Tostones (twice fried green plantains):

I got the Cochinillo accompanied by his Arroz Mamposteao


This type of rice is usually cooked white rice mixed to order with cooked red beans, and sometimes cooked with some extra spices and seasonings until hot and delicious. The texture and feel is moist and juicy like a risotto, but different in its own ways.


Here he added Truffle Oil. I am NOT a fan of truffle oil because 99% of the time it is OVERUSED and is usually of bad quality. But I was pleasantly surprised to see it here and not hate it. I actually think it went really well with it. It was subtly rich, yet not overpowering at all. So I was pleasantly surprised.


We had a variety of drinks, including Cuba Libre, Medalla Light, and Sangría. We started off with their regular Sangría and followed with their "White" Sangría which is actually yellow looking but tastes AMAZING. Don't remember if it was a base of Sparkling Wine and Passion Fruit juice, all I remember is it was GOOD. Looks good too, right?


Yes. The meals at Jose Enrique ROCK. Feel free to go. Here's my previous post on Jose Enrique with contact info. ¡Buen provecho!

  1. Son las doce y media de la noche y estoy aquí buscando con que recoger el reguerete de babas al leer y mirar las fotos de este post! Cuándo vamos? 😉

  2. I definitely will be trying this place on my next trip. It looks great but I love chillo frito! Also sending a link of this post to my friends in P.R.

  3. Joan did you see my original post on Jose Enrique? It’s linked @ the bottom of the post, after the last pic. He truly is a great Chef and his staff is superb. Hope you get to enjoy it soon!

  4. my husband and I went to Jose Enrique to celebrate our anniversary. this place left us really happy. the fried fish was out of this world. can’t wait to go back to PR to try this restaurant again.

    • Glad you enjoyed Jose’s. I always get consistent delish food and great service. And Jose’s a great young chef; always so hospitable. 🙂 Do return when you go back to PR!

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