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In news on August 2, 2009 at 2:23 AM

So. Finally. Fortunately I found the way to Import moncheoPR from Typepad into WordPress. One simple file upload did it all. Too bad I only figured it out after individually copy/pasting each moncheoPR post from one host to the other. 19 times I did this. Jesus.

Anyway…so…yeah… moncheo’s now on WordPress. Which is good ’cause it’s free. 🙂 What I’m worried about is once I close down the Typepad account, will the picture links disappear from the WordPress posts? I guess I will delete a few posts and see how it affects the WordPress account. Hoping nothing happens. We shall see.

For now, I will continue to work on the transfer. Soon I will write on my visit to Perla Restaurant @ La Concha Resort. Other than there, I haven’t really gone out in PR in the last month or so (that’s worth writing about) so feel free to read me at my other blog: where I might post a bit more these days due to my lack of dining out in PR this summer. I still do cook/bake.

Thanks for sticking around and here’s to more dining out soon.


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