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Vaca Frita @ Plaza

In Uncategorized on August 2, 2009 at 3:24 AM

A few weeks ago I met a friend at Plaza Las Americas and we ended up grabbing some dinner at La Terraza (food court). We chose to eat at Vaca Frita, a new spot featuring Cuban food. Or what I like to refer to as CubaRican since our foods are so intertwined. I ordered their namesake, the Vaca Frita (fried cow), which took FOREVER to be prepared. And by FOREVER I mean easily 8 to 10 minutes. Why?

Vaca Frita (the one shown here is from Versailles @ Calle 8 in Miami who makes the BEST Vaca Frita I’ve had so far) is kind of like Ropa Vieja cooked until crispy, usually with onions. Here they took the Ropa Vieja over to the sandwich press on their back table and proceeded to “crisp” it up along with the onions. When we ordered there were no other customers and I’m hoping at that point (slow periods) they only make the Vaca Frita to order which explains why it took so long. If not, I have no idea how they get through the lunch rush.

(Stepping onto my soap box.)

On top of that, they consider Congri as TWO of the sides. WTF? LOL! Sometimes I wonder. I know they ARE two items, white rice and black beans (not getting into the congri vs. moros & cristianos debate here), but come on! THEY’RE COOKED TOGETHER IN THE SAME POT AND PLACED IN THE SAME STEAM TABLE PAN. So please, stop nickel and diming your customers and consider CONGRI one side, not two.

(Stepping off of my soap box now.)

Interestingly enough, I did not take pictures of the food. Saved some memory on the card given that nothing was very memorable. The meat was not horrible, which I think was due to the fact it was recently heated so that’s always nice. But the Congri was barely warm and pretty bland. So I guess that is why it was so annoying when they charged it as two sides instead of one, especially when it sucked. IMG_0957

Anyhoooo…. I did not take pics of the food, but I did order their Yerba Mate Soda. I’ve never had it, much less the real Yerba Mate – which I’ve heard is awesome – so I bought a can of the stuff. What the heck, we only live once. It was good, reminiscent of Kola Champagne.


Best of all, their straws are a godsend! What would we do if the straw didn’t have opening instructions in English. And Spanish? Jale? Hale? Are both correct? Regardless. The food @ Vaca Frita was just ok. But thank Escoffier for their straws. I’d be lost without them.

  1. Hilarious as usual, all that food and that waiting and a straw is what makes your day…

    • LOL I always say, “Simple minds, simple pleasures.” And that straw did make my day. In addition, I’ve spent easily an hour on Real Academia Española’s website determining if Pull is spelled JALE or HALE or if both are acceptable. Results? Still clueless. I’ll just use ALE from now on. 😉

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