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¡¡Felíz Año Nuevo!!

In rambles on January 2, 2009 at 2:31 PM
¡A comer pasteles, a comer lechón, arróz con gandules y a beber rón!

Time to eat pasteles, to eat pork, rice and pigeon peas, and to drink rum! Yeah, it doesn't really translate and sound as fun, but it's the holidays and if there's one thing you do right in PR, is celebrate the holidays with delicious food. And that phrase is from a popular song that's usually sung when you go do the Puerto Rican version of caroling, but we call them Parrandas, and they are LOUD, FUN, and involve mucho booze and yummy food.

Enough diddle daddling with me and moncheoPR. 2009 is here and I am back. Time to eat, drink, and write. So it's a new year of food, restaurants, cooking, recipes, and whatever else regarding food and drink I can find. Let's start with what the ending to a scrumptious meal at one of Puerto Rico's yummiest places – EVER – looked like:


I will give a $1.50 prize (Darn you Madoff for stealing my billions!!!) to whoever can guess where this debauchery of Mofongo took place. It was hot, yummy, crispy full of chicharrón, and has been creating the delectable Mofongo for more than 25 years. Sadly, we failed to finish every last morsel. And I am really regretting it as I look at this picture. These peeps rock our Mofongo-loving world and we love them. We won't say who they are just yet, but they will be written about in 2009. It's just that we like to keep them to ourselves. We're selfish that way. So see you in a bit. Keep coming back for more Puerto Rican food and drink fun.


Rambles: 911 call about a Subway sandwich???

In rambles on August 8, 2008 at 5:00 AM

That’s just what a guy in Florida did. He called 911 to complain about Subway!!!


This is some crazy stuff!!! Yes, it’s pretty much ridiculous, but can you blame him? He called 911 the FIRST time to complain about how the peeps at Subway had not made his sandwiches correctly, which he paid $12 for, AND locked the door on him. Then he calls a SECOND time to complain about the same thing. But then he called a THIRD time to complain again about the slow response time. Supposedly they tried to calm him down, but since he continued acting crazy, of course he got arrested for abusing the 911 call system.

You can listen to the calls on the video below:

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Rambles: I think I’m turning Japonés

In rambles on July 25, 2008 at 5:02 PM

Who got our inside joke that inspired the subject? Anyone recall The Vapor’s hit "Tuning Japanese?" Did we just reveal our possible age? Oki doki. Moving on… Another new category: Rambles! Yes, we like to ramble. So here we go… Let’s get ready to RRRRAAAAMMMBLEEEEE!!! Hope we don’t get sued. Get it? Get it? Oh well… Back to rambling…


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